two chairs’ inspirational epiphany

start writing
anything at all,
love, life, lies,
what and whys,
how and where,
what transpires,
people conspire,
to take dreams away,
elders sway,
your opinions,
rulers, their minions,
devil dominions,
worlds unknown,
God seen and known,
wisdom on loan,
human with a bone,
and dog as his master,
pains and laughter,
ideas, games,
respect or shame,
intelligent, lame
a shot on fame
someone to blame
perhaps the same
new meaning, old words,
mythical birds
animals in herds
geeky nerds
creative types
time is ripe
pick up the pen
write again
it will be fun
like morning sun




48 thoughts on “two chairs’ inspirational epiphany”

    1. Indeed! Master of this gam; time – won’t stop for anyone, so it is our choice that we remain idle and aloof or put our ears to the ground and listen to the hum, happenings and songs being sung. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Sean, much appreciated.

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