Sugar coated simplicity

Perceived hard truths
no matter how many
layers coated, quoted
with niceties, graces
Mind races, to judgments
assuming all was absolute
Heart resolutes, to make
it all work again, regain
trust lost, immense cost
Little does it know
when it lightly snows
a mighty storm brewing
just nearby, spewing
doomsday predictions
questioning existence
Contradictions, are they real
aren’t these so called
post walled, dark truths
nothing but figments
pigments of coloured
perception called reality
Singularity, duality
Who is to say what
is real or fake
Mind’s intake
is limited when such
fundamental beliefs
are challenged, relief
is sought, by having some
sugar coated pills
paying your bills
and sleeping in blissful
Ignorance, with assurance
Sun will shine tomorrow
Life will be just an ordinary day
You will have a say, in matters
What relate to you, me
and how hard truths we see

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Long walk

Start with a small step
Next one comes
Stride to stride
Arm to arm
Sing a song
Soul’s pride
Brother to brother
Amis to Amis
Side by side
Million steps
Bring on more
Unwavering tide
Coming for you
Everywhere to run
Nowhere to hide

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Positivity while decaying daily

death and dust
reality unable to run from
yes, it will come
yes, we will become
sand, dust and on a wet day, clay
but it is not today
sun is shining
at least the weather says so
why worry, and waste
cry and sob in a haste
life has enormous beauty,
love is a duty
if you have time
before it is time
go forth and laugh
scream in joy
plays with nature’s
endless toys
rain drops on your head
what spring has said
in your ear
which made you giggle
wind whispers,
hug trees, kiss bees,
perhaps not too much
as other lips are waiting
and wondering when
the moment will come
not the one which worries
and make you hurry,
the one where they get
some drips,
of your beautiful
bare lips




Suffering, pain
goes through
every pore
every vein
Mind wanders
into deep dark
alleys of love
Tears of blood
all around, seems
there is no end
no redemption
Blindness prevails
Eyes just see you
No one else
Nothing matters
Nothing affects
This state of
Deep deep sorrow
Longing for your
your one glance
when I found you
my pain worsens
my love deepens
I just can’t think
Can’t blink
Can’t touch
nothing much
I want it to last
I want to feel this
Heart crushing
Mind numbing
And pain
To remain
Your beloved!

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Happy Valentine’s day

Read them a book,
buy them a painting,
go to a circus,
Boat you may be renting
bungee jumping or para gliding,
skiing (definitely the season),
day of silience,
just talk in kisses, smile
frowns for a while
Fill your day with red roses
Play in the garden, water hoses
Whatever you do today
Don’t forget
get flowers on the way 🙂

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