Colour of life

Paint, who wants to paint
When life throws its colour
All you do is look and wonder
Just surrender
to its majestic views
Capturing the beauty, the colour
the contrast, master strokes,
the whole book of art
In one simple shot!

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Mistaken identity

Do I have to be someone
to draw your kind attention
should my looks need to dazzle
style, verve, never frazzle
why I require expensive clothing
or admire expressive loathing
for all minions in daily grunt
To seek audience I need a stunt
always wanted aloof, blunt
though my language requires perfection
to your’s, world’s satisfaction
even when I am obscene, utter profanity
get into a fit, declare insanity
humbleness never comes near to pass
always hanging out with top brass
cool dudes and dames flavour
resolve issues without labour
a saviour of the world you seek
I am afraid, of someone else you speak

Eternity in vain

I listen to you
day and night
you call your life hard
my friend, you know not
the pain and agony
to live a life of eternal wrought
to tread through travails of time
mean nothing to oneself
life passes and passes
there is no end
Just ticks and tock
on one big clock

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Dangerous liaisons
Stay away time
Assassinations, assaults
Robberies, crime
Millions looted
Can’t spend a dime
Tattooed gangsters
Trash talk mime
Target prime
Killed before thirty

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Stories I hear
far away and near
joys and fears
Foes and dears
of true belief
Branches, leaves
Wherever they fell
Epics they tell
Ingrained faiths
Unexpected deaths
Or expected ones
Fathers and sons
Defy the logic
Inexplicable magic
Odes tragic
Prolonged tales
Epic fails
Masts and sails
Roads and rails
Storms and hails
Cotton bales
Dirt and mud
Snow and flood
that rose bud
Marvellous stud
His run, a gale
fresh and stale
all stories are fine
Exquisite grape wine
they mature and excel
Trees do tell
when leaves pale
In rustling dales
whispers wonder
words asunder
King’s blunder
Loot and plunder
Conquerors tales
Trees do tell
stories, listen!

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Super WAGs

Slaughtered by Lois lane
Butchered by Mary Jane
Femme fatales, break hearts
Super heroes, fall apart
faint smile, make them fly
sad look, and hero cries
amazing affection powers they hold
that is how these movies are soldIMG_0102.JPG

La la land

adorned moroccan interiors
silky porcelain exteriors
million dollars face lift
flawless diamonds as a gift
rubbing shoulders, first row
Florence palace, fashion show
preaching cakes to every poor
Life unending, all so sureIMG_0100.JPG