Oh Spinghar – I miss you dearly

Sitting in a cold and wet island
Far away from my motherland
I miss your majestic sight
Barbarians at your foothills
Denying my birthright
They kill and kill with impunity
Removing heads with mere delight
All with the promise of
unknown unproven heaven, those fools
While living in your plain sight
Worse than gruesome evil, demons
Killing innocent people left and right
I hope one day they vanish, earth devours them
I see that day, my eyes still has some light
And I return and kiss your snow

20140324-060249 am.jpg


94 thoughts on “Oh Spinghar – I miss you dearly”

      1. I am more impressed than I can say. And I think it is because it comes across as a genuine cry from the heart. I hope you’re not being cynical with this one … I don’t know you well enough to be able to judge, as you’re always kidding around.
        Anyway. It’s the best I’ve read. My sincere compliments, my clever friend.


      2. It was genuine appreciation of your support M R, I am never cynical with you, at times clownish perhaps, never cynical. I respect your views a lot, and I understand some times fewer words are all we need to convey the feeling.


      3. No formalities required M R, I wrote this because I have been there, know loving amazing people from this place, who used to live in those areas and now can not go back because of absolute monsters living hiding in the mountains and people in general are sick of them and their fanatical ideology. I truly wish they are no more…and for a pacifist leftist that I am, that is saying a lot…


      4. I am, these pictures are from Pakistan, FATA areas are part of Pakistan I took them when I went to see friends in Kurram agency few years ago, lots of people have been displaced by Pakistani version of Taliban, who are as barbaric as the ones on the other side.


      5. I had a bank manager from Pakistan, once: I DOTED on him. He was such a beautiful bloke – so intelligent, and so well-versed in in not only the Pakistani current affairs but generally. I used to find excuses to go in to the bank and chat t him. But then, as they always, do, they shifted the staff around. Bye-bye intelligent conversations … 😦


      6. A beautiful memory to share M R, yes change is constant and most of us loathe it when our favourite things, people taken away from us..


  1. Such righteous anger mixed with sadness! Your words here are vivid, Sweetie. Thank you for sharing your background. I am sorry it is so difficult. We have a wall hanging in our home from Pakistan. We got it from a young man and his wife who were taking their baby back after university here where we live. I think of them every time I hear of some of the dangers where they are. Now I will think of you as well. All people in and from such places are objects of my lovingkindness meditations.


    1. Many many thanks for your kind words, I am originally from Pakistan. Pakistan as a whole is not the most difficult place to live (there are far more dangerous places in the world), however there are areas (one such mentioned in my poem) which are suffering from home grown terrorism of the worst kind. I know people who are from those areas and are afraid to go back because of sheer fear and my heart goes out for them. This poem is to reflect their ordeal and inability to go back to their roots once a while to get reconnected.


      1. I go to Pakistan every quarter (remember a Nomad), no issues in the cities, it is great, I have a place there as well, so all good fun, I truly enjoy my visits. This amazing photo belong to a place called Northern Areas of Pakistan which are perhaps the most beautiful in the world (as you can see) but currently due to home grown terrorism, lots of people have been displaced from this heaven. This poem is about those people, some of them I know personally, who are unable to go back to their homes or places of their birth for fear of life and liberty.


      2. Oh wow, that’s so sad. I know a guy from Ethiopia. He was living and working out of the country and when he tried to go back to Ethiopia, the authorities denied him access because his parents (or grandparents) were originally from Eritrea (If I remember correctly).
        So great you have a place in Pakistan and can visit frequently. I would love to be able to visit Canada every quarter. I get to go every 2 years or so.


      1. I don’t paint, have no sketching ability, so not really artist πŸ™‚ by genre I meant I like to make images surreal and give reality a different meaning, different colour, different hue and ambience…


  2. AB..what can I say..Very beautifully written..I feel your sorrow and pain having travelled through these parts..A beautiful part of the world and a more beautiful and gracious people now submerged in chaos and conflict that has no end.Sigh. This time will pass dear friend. Maybe not now but there is hope in sight. May the saplings of goodness and hospitality spring up for glorious days to come. Please keep up the beautiful writing.Abad osay.


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