Night is young

Night is young
Move slowly
Sinking in
All that is around
Birds returning home
Herds returning home
Maddening crowds
Pushing and shoving
Passing each other
Just to get in a queue
Waiting for the carriage
arrivals delayed
Messages relayed
Don’t worry
it will pass
Calmness returns
In due course
Join the discourse
Of heavens, universe
And you and I
Hand and hand
Walk on the boulevard
Of life
In the deep evening light
Kiss me sometimes

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Green long nose
Crown on the top
Lord of the manor
Beard out crop
Wasted all given
No penny to spare
Inheritance lost
Without much care


Is life hard
Or we make it so
Trying to comprehend
a meaning, when there is none
Would be it easier if thoughts went away
replaced with merriment, joy and sun
Would we feel any worse than today
If breathing was the goal
Search is over, no one is pondering
definitions required for our role
Happenings, emotions, truths and lies
Take them what they are
Apologies, felicitations not required
Relations none, near or far
Fulfilment attained with no complications
by walking on the beach or recreation
Would it be life or just existence sole
Does it make any difference,
if humanity had no soul?

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Tea for two

your body smells daisies
mid summer evening arrives
cool breeze missive muses
heart refuses, to survive
hand in hand stroll
streets of future at night
away at a distance
a tea house, blinking lights
teas arranged in perfect order
two cups to taste a few
each flavour exquisite
feeling happier and anew
a kiss is certainly in order
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