Dear one
full of fear one
why worry
future would come
we would be same
passion may tame
But love…yes, love
would keep us warm
hand and hand
weather any storm
that daily kiss
you emboss on my lips
would last me for years
my face reflects
joyful tears
your embrace holds
million fables,
stories you told
more than enough
for my old age
my beautiful
vivacious sage
come, lie beside me
under open skies
I feel free
even stars agree
on a moonless night
your hand on my heart
what a wonderful sight
I will never lose
my drive, my thirst
of you and that smile
just one last wish
I don’t do goodbyes
please let me die first20140603-064244 am-24164870.jpg


72 thoughts on “Eternal”

  1. Sorry commenting again
    You know what my grandfather used to say to nano.He said I will let you go first as I know you cannot bear having to part with me.I may but you won’t. Thats exactly what happened and now that she has gone he has changed a lot too.He may not show but its hard on him…๐Ÿ˜ž
    They were remarkable together!

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    1. It is perfectly fine AJ, comment as many time as you want! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful lifestory, very beautiful memory! It would indeed be very hard on him and life is that cruel nothing else can be done!

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  2. Your poem closing merely reminded me of that.Thats why sharing!
    And I reblogged your post and someone commented “Amazing” Just thought you should know since you are the author

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      1. Hopefully you are joking, because you are such a wonderful poet, time will make sure that you reach your true potential if you keep at it…persistence my dear!

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      2. Its not about persistence.Considering thats me its not a problem but sometimes I truly feel that I do not have much to disclose…other than my own ramblings!..

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      3. Btw have you watched ‘Adult World’ ! Patience and time…you already have a big heart, great expression and all the beautiful words… Let’s not force poetry out, let those thoughts and word find and push you to write them…

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      4. It is fine AJ, no need to embarras me ๐Ÿ˜Š I do it because I believe all good people doubt their abilities, unless you have the courage the world will put you under its boots and then crush you like an insignificant insect…it is upto us whether we wish not to be that..and scream that we matter…only then we become equals and able to deal with life and its issues including our existence and its meaning…

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      5. Your words brought a smile bigger than ever.โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ŠThank you!I might thank you for it in person someday with a signed book๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜…

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      6. Yes “if” that happens!๐Ÿ˜‡
        But a friend used to say that if I do not write on universal theme then it will not work as who wants to read the poems about I,My etc. ..

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      7. Hmm.Thats right though!
        The poet is the stained glass windows
        That transmits sunlight just as
        ordiary windows do
        but colours it
        as it passes through[Robert Hillyer]
        Something I read a while ago just came to mind!โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      8. since we are in poetic mood

        when the early
        hours of night
        I lay awake
        tears form a lake

        careless thoughts
        missed opportunities
        lost fraternities
        not happening certainties

        my sage comes
        some water and
        sweet passionate words
        never join that herd

        alone is not bad
        don’t be sad
        my young lad
        sleep now, tomorrow
        is a beautiful day

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      9. โ˜บ
        Thoughts deep
        From solace keep
        Sleep may come
        but ghosts may haunt

        A lot is lost
        now more to lose
        I simply refuse
        but does it matter?

        The fate weaves on loom
        Patterns dark of doom
        Impending gloom
        no spring abloom

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      10. my dear, depressed seer,
        fate could even darken further
        fierce storms could hurt
        thrown in the mud,
        tasting more dirt
        tears will flow,
        moments will run
        terribly slow
        and then….
        then what,
        don’t lose sight
        life’s light,
        breaths left, quite a few
        time to renew,
        pledge to excel, exceed
        I pray you succeed
        overcoming demons within

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      11. โ˜บ
        My courage threatens
        in midstride abandon
        Falling on my face
        already fallen from grace
        Of self respect left no trace
        Screaming from a cliff
        Tied with rope in a skiff
        sailing to a shore
        Hearing tales of yore
        patience threatens to snap
        in clean half:waves may overlap
        my remains and blanket them
        none may see:perhaps no requiem
        But then I am destined
        left at mercy of waves
        I am like all mankind
        Fretting may not rescindโ˜บ

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      12. what happened,poet?Got scared๐Ÿ˜…
        Dear friend! Goodnight
        May light shine bright
        dreams sweet in sight
        stay:and may life fright’
        ne’er nor bring ye plight!

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