Ladoo – stages of guilty pleasures

May be,

oh yes
I want more
more and more,

never again…really


43 thoughts on “Ladoo – stages of guilty pleasures”

  1. AB ji लड्डू किस ख़ुशी में बाटे जा रहे है ?

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    1. एक दोस्त के घर पर दिवाली मिठाई 😀 apologies for rusty Hindi

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      1. AB, Christmas is soon to approach so I have to be very careful about my appetite. Thanks for these delicious looking ladoos though. 😉 You definitely enjoy them. 🙂


  2. What goes into these atomic balls? Seriously, I was eating one last night (bought a whole box of 20 a little while back) and it always starts off like a good idea but before I even finish one piece it feels like punishment already. So sweet, so dense, so impossible to digest.

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