affection so deep
even angels weep
when she cries in pain
having lost you again

for a moment or two
an adventure a start
perhaps nothing for you
could break her heart

don’t go too deep
don’t fly too far
you should know
how mothers are

loving caring
deep endearing
heartache bearing
they laugh with your smile

stressed when you are sad
killing anything bad
comes near you
even within a mile

value every moment
with her deeply
love her steeply
nature forgets you
when she is gone

you are all alone
and no one left whole
who will get you
what you want
by happily, merrily
selling her soul

20140129-082226 pm.jpg

58 thoughts on “Affection”

      1. That’s beautiful AB. You have a big heart, my friend. And that’s a great idea. I think I’ll pin it so I can show them, just like you said.
        Thanks sweet soul.


    1. many many thanks Ember, glad you liked it, mothers are an immense gift to this universe, and motherhood such an understated relationship always about giving and sacrifice…


      1. … and I am one of the lucky ones to experience such unconditional love from my own. Truly, nothing will ever be enough to repay our mother’s love… and they’re not even asking for anything in return. 🙂


  1. This is beautiful it made me cry! You always hope as a mom that they know the sacrifice and how different life could have been if you didn’t. I love this! That pretty much did me in for the day! I’m more tired then I realized. Thank you for sharing this! Wow you sure know how to touch the heart! Have a beautiful day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very kind, all humans have been created equal and we should always respect others emotions and views. Empathy can take us somewhere beautiful! 🙂


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