Unending journey

deep eyed traveller
your journey has ended
why is it so,
I still feel stranded
thrown up to blue
miles airborne,
or deep within ocean
castaway alone,
days passed in daze,
being left to rot,
no one searching,
not being sought
earth’s forgotten
part of billion souls
unable to participate
has no role
suggestions welcome
death could be one
castigation another
easily done
purpose and such
lost when lost
journey so dark
at soul’s cost
searching redemption
in universe’s hum
a new destination
here I come


11 thoughts on “Unending journey”

    1. Indeed it is Lori,
      unending journey,
      from pillar to post,
      from desert to coast,
      perhaps a keg of whisky
      and a beautiful host
      make us stay
      long enough, missing
      winds which has our
      names etched on them


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