Colours, beauty abundant
Million servants, attendants
Preening, dancing, happy faces
Envious glances, arrogance traces
Leaves scream, wanting relevance

20140430-104226 am.jpg


Redeeming run

child within me
runs towards the sun
to know what is
behind the light
losing my sight
to what is now
will not bow
aiming to the bright
afraid of heights
fortitude guides
where I have to go
nothing to show
just a blackened heart
and courage to start
something never been
thought, none has seen
distances I could go
flying on the flow
to reach redemptionIMG_0180.JPG


Red metal cage

Life is an entrapment
Materialistic possessions
Having this and that
Going here and there
Not a moment to spare
For love, passion, humanity
Elation, happiness, sanity
Envy takes keys of freedom
Toss it to sister vanity
Cage is self built
Trinkets to the hilt
Before it is felt,
Body nearly melts
Soul is released
Breath is ceased
Last word ‘Alas’
How life had passed
Total utter loss


two chairs’ inspirational epiphany

start writing
anything at all,
love, life, lies,
what and whys,
how and where,
what transpires,
people conspire,
to take dreams away,
elders sway,
your opinions,
rulers, their minions,
devil dominions,
worlds unknown,
God seen and known,
wisdom on loan,
human with a bone,
and dog as his master,
pains and laughter,
ideas, games,
respect or shame,
intelligent, lame
a shot on fame
someone to blame
perhaps the same
new meaning, old words,
mythical birds
animals in herds
geeky nerds
creative types
time is ripe
pick up the pen
write again
it will be fun
like morning sun




5Tiring hands
Tired hands
Miles away
On a song
Keep going
be strong
One day
May be
Not so long
You may find
In your soothing
Tiring hands

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