Mistaken identity

Do I have to be someone
to draw your kind attention
should my looks need to dazzle
style, verve, never frazzle
why I require expensive clothing
or admire expressive loathing
for all minions in daily grunt
To seek audience I need a stunt
always wanted aloof, blunt
though my language requires perfection
to your’s, world’s satisfaction
even when I am obscene, utter profanity
get into a fit, declare insanity
humbleness never comes near to pass
always hanging out with top brass
cool dudes and dames flavour
resolve issues without labour
a saviour of the world you seek
I am afraid, of someone else you speak


20 thoughts on “Mistaken identity”

  1. Woooah! A very good poetry out there! There message is truly captivating. Thanks for this for this opened my mind about how I give attention towards people especially those who are in the field of fashion.


      1. Effect of your company😄
        Seriously though its good you write on such subjects.At least a few people like me realize the toxins seeping through in the fabric of humanity that was unblemished previously..We can change this.
        Change is within.If only…

        Liked by 1 person

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