Drama queen

I am ecstatic with the thought of a wonderful tryst
some unimaginable being, roaming my world
Who she is, I most certainly know not
Her gaze, her stare, her smile I sought
And she was generous…

20140329-053343 am.jpg


30 thoughts on “Drama queen”

    1. Yes, perception and interpretations 🙂 we did an exercise recently where one person commented that he went for a long run and then 14 of us guessed how the long the run would be…. conclusion… we define meaning based on our experiences and our perception of the person who is communicating, the combination means that no two people understand any statement in the same way 🙂

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      1. 🙂 I agree entirely 🙂 M-R I haven’t forgotten about pdf just today I am out most of the day, hopefully tonight 🙂


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