Ecstasy dripping

Nature, water,
Birds and geese
Life received
a brand new lease
Cast of millions,
sleeping under sun
Ecstasy dripping joy
each breath release

20140309-113758 am.jpg

20140309-113842 am.jpg

20140309-113903 am.jpg


71 thoughts on “Ecstasy dripping”

      1. Sure, I normally do this offline if you don’t mind πŸ™‚ like to understand few things before I can comment or suggest πŸ™‚


  1. Actually, I was wrong about the Mallards! I always thought they were American, but they seem to naturally have very wide range! The Canada geese on the other hand were *introduced* to Britain. — YUR


  2. Not a clue what throwing colours means, AB – but am very definite on the beauty of these photos of DUCKS! I LOVE ducks !! And so you have a fight on your hands if you don’t show ’em nicely. Which you have most definitely done! As well, with what seem to be geese in the final frame? Just gorgeous, AB!!!


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