Without you,
Heaven is a prison
I want to run away
guardian angel insists
on my stay
I wish there was a way
to abandon this
You I miss
oh so dearly

20140319-100435 am.jpg


63 thoughts on “Prison”

  1. I like the idea to combine this photo with the words. – By just looking at the image I had the feeling that something is wrong, something which make this place not conveniant (maybe the yellow palm leaves?).. ..but it goes perfect with the words!

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    1. I am totally humbled and honoured by you statement. I am really really glad that my words make small contribution in your life in any shape or form 🙂


  2. Pingback: B.Kaotic
    1. Daniella, thank you so much for such wonderful words full of praise, sometimes I wonder whether you are reading some great poet’s work nowadays and end up writing review on my humble site in error 🙂


  3. I miss Romania so much…A beautiful country.But most of all I miss my family.So,my tunnel could end up in our house,where my 12 years old daughter and my old mother are…


  4. My tears are like the quiet drift
    Of petals from some magic rose;
    And all my grief flows from the rift
    Of unremembered skies and snows.

    I think,that if I touched the earth,
    I would crumble;
    It is so sad and beautiful,
    So tremulously like a dream.


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