Wisdom and cynicism

Age, is the mightiest sage
Cynicism replaces rage
every moment, night
everyday is the wage
even to infinity
observe and gauge
will never understand until
your time, your page



12 thoughts on “Wisdom and cynicism”

  1. Very true words here. As we age we grow wiser. The funny thing is that our own cynicism comes back to haunt us as we get older…and wiser. It’s like the psychological and unvarnished truth that lies in wait and takes us down a few notches. Trapped on a page between two, slammed covers is much different than skimming through it in amusement, isn’t it?

    Well done!

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  2. What a shot!cant stop looking 🙂 she looks like a standard grandma :p cute. And the poem is absolutely wonderful. The truth of the words rings with me. Deep!


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